Polypropylene Pump Manufacturers

Polypropylene Pump Designed For Chemical Industries, and it ensures corrosion resistance.

Horizontal PP Pump

Vertical PP Pump (Seal & Gland Less)

Polypropylene Pump Manufacturer and Supplier in India:

Popular Pumps is one of the best PP Pump Manufacturers in India, committed to the clients’ satisfaction and ensuring high-quality products. We use the best products and technology throughout our process so that we can deliver reliable pumps. Our manufacturing is also a well-equipped facility loaded with all modern-equipments, where our highly skilled engineers offer their experience and shape every feature that secures quality assurance and sustainable performance.

Polypropylene Pump is for handling acids, alkalis, solvents, and more such corrosive chemicals. These pumps have wide usage and demand in Chemical Processing, Plating, Water Treatment, Food, Petrochemical, and more such applications.

Popular is one of the leading manufacturers of Polypropylene Pumps in Ahmedabad. The rugged construction and reliable working of our offered Industrial Pump make them suitable to invest. We can assure you of their performance, reliability, and dependability.

In polypropylene pumps, a high alumina ceramic sleeve is used to protect the shaft from any type of corrosion and abrasion. Mechanical seals prohibit the leakage from the pumps and best-cast iron heavy-duty oil-lubricated bearing housing helps for achieving maximum strength of pumps.

Technical Specifications of of Polypropylene Pump (PP Pump):

Type Polypropylene Pump
Capacity up to 295 m3/hr
Head up to 60 mtr
Pressure up to 5 kg/cm2
Size 25 mm to 100 mm
Speed up to 3500 rpm
Temperature up to 70° C
Material of Construction PP, GRP, PVDF, UHMWPE etc
  • Molded Polypropylene manufactured Impeller and Casing Cover
  • Shaft Sleeve made from Ceramic or Alloy
  • Cast Iron or Steel created Material Bearing Houses
  • Shaft made from Stainless Steel 316 Material
  • Externally Mounted Mechanical Seal or PTFE Gland Packing

Salient Features of Polypropylene Pump:

  • Suitable For Extremely Corrosive Duties
  • Suitable For Continuous Service
  • Self-Venting Type Casing
  • High Dynamic Response
  • Integrally molded three-piece Impellers Design
  • Compatible with 95% of Aggressive Chemicals
  • Pumps, available with Open and Closed type Impellers

Applications of Polypropylene Pump:

  • Fertilizer Plant
  • Water Treatment Plant
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Chemical Industries
  • Effluent Treatment Plant
  • Paper and Pulp Industries
  • Thermal and Atomic Power Plant
  • Corrosive Liquid Handling
  • Acids
  • Alkalies
  • Electrolytes

What is a Polypropylene Pump?

Polypropylene Pump is ideally well-known for its high efficiency in handling corrosive chemicals like acids, solvents, alkalis, etc.. served in industries such as chemical processing and water treatment. At Popular Pumps we design and manufacture high-quality polypropylene pumps. As being reliable polypropylene pump manufacturers in Ahmedabad we assure the finest and most sustainable pump performance, that can provide satisfying results to our customers.

Advantages of Polypropylene Pumps:

  • Best fit for corrosive duties in chemical industries, guaranteeing hassle-free process with no compromise in productivity.
  • High strength of working continuously for tons of hours
  • Dynamic and hydraulically balanced impeller
  • Metal rings that ensure its structure stability
  • Cause no damage to rotating parts

Uses of Polypropylene Pumps:

Polypropylene Pumps are commonly used for regulating corrosive chemicals such as Fresh Water, Salt Water, DI Water, Citric Acid, Fluosilicic Acid, Formaldehyde, Muriatic Acid, Nitric Acid, Phosphoric Acid, Potassium Hydroxide, Potassium Permanganate, Sodium Hydroxide, and Sulfuric Acid