Thermosyphon System

Metal Bellow Seal has been manufactured to be widely used for high temperature and corrosive media, and eliminating elastomers. Because elastomers have higher and lower temperature limits, it prevents them from sealing many hot resins, polymers, and cryogenic applications.

Thermosyphon System Manufacturer and Supplier in India

Popular, a 2015-accredited company, is recognized for manufacturing high-quality mechanical seals. As an Indian manufacturer of Thermosyphon System, Popular is a producer and distributor of Thermosyphon System. With our product Thermosyphon System, we’ve gained an excellent reputation and had a positive response from the market. There is a large variety of Thermosyphon System available to you at our company.

We provide Thermosyphon Systems, a storage, and pressurization system, to meet the needs of our customers. Double mechanical seals are employed in back-to-back sequences in the systems offered. In order to reduce the temperature of the barrier fluid that travels from seal to Thermosyphon, these systems use a cooling coil./p>

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Technical Specifications

Capacity 20 Ltr
Design Pressure 10 Bar
Max. Working Temp 150 Deg
Thermosyphon Shell Carbon Steel, Ss 304/316,
Cooling Coil SS 304/316